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Committed to our customers by providing safe, reliable,
cost-effective solutions with a highly-trained workforce
utilizing the latest technology and equipment.


ECM Energy Services provides 24/7 trucking solutions for fresh water, flowback, production, and site work in the Marcellus Shale region. Our yards are strategically located to allow for optimum service for all your water hauling needs.

ECM currently has a fleet of six-axle, seven-axle, and transports. Safety and dependability are a tenet of our strategy and everything that we do. We have a rigorous, safety-focused on-boarding process that partners each newly-hired driver with a mentor. This helps establish the importance of the safety culture and the type of service our customers deserve. We have built a reputation of being one of the safest, lowest-cost, and most dependable carriers.


ECM’s traffic employees are all members of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). We also train our flaggers to exceed the acceptable industry standards. Our traffic control division provides flagging services for the oil and gas industry throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We give your workers a safe area to operate while providing safe, courteous, and easy-to-follow guidance to motorists. Developing and maintaining a safe and effective flow of people and vehicles is critical to both our customers and the public.


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